Tuesday, June 4, 2013

12 Day Challenge!

Yesterday I started a Beachbody 12 day challenge, with an amazingly motivating gal Brittany; you can find her on Facebook here!  I am so excited for this, I was given a fantastic menu with tons of options and replacing one meal a day with Beachbody's Shakeology along with kicking up my workouts!  I am still following the running plan that the Ironman has given me (I will never deviate from that since I upload my workouts to the computer for him to see and I'm kinda scared of him, ha!  Not really, but he is my older brother), but have been adding some other workouts during the day as well!
Yesterday one of my momma friends sent me a text asking me to be her accountability partner for her weight loss journey, I was so excited to help her!  So this morning I sent her a text challenging her to do 100 crunches throughout the day, so of course I would not challenge her to something that I was not going to do myself, so I knocked those out at the gym this morning!  Once I was done with that she asked me if I wanted a challenge so she challenged me to 50 Burpees, after we stopped by Whole Foods, I came home and knocked those out in 5 sets of 10!
I find it so much easier to me excited about working out and to be motivated if I am being challenged or have someone directing me.  That is why I am so thankful to my brother for setting me on the right path and giving me direction and now I am doing this 12 day challenge for extra fun and a kick in the pants!  So, if you are struggling or needs a swift kick in the booty, ask a friend to be your accountability partner, join a challenge or find an online community!  There is no excuse!!